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Tuesday November 19, 2019    

Together! will provide participants the means, through programs of study, to recognize the gifts they have received from the Sacrament of Marriage, learn more about their Catholic Faith and the relationship of that Faith to daily life. Participants will enrich their relationship with spouse and children, improve their relationship with God, and share ideas with others of like mind.

Together! provides programs by which participants, in small groups or individually, can understand how the constant teaching of the Church enriches and indeed strengthens marriage and family from the influences of the world. These programs are meant to be a simple practical study based on the teaching documents of the Church which are easily understood through the Together! methodology. They are not meant to be heavy academic studies.

Together! fosters in men and women a social, psychological, moral and religious formation so they may more fully realize their mission within the family, Church and society.

Promote harmony between husband and wife.
Assist parents in molding a strong family structure.
Provide parents with tools to form mature, responsible young adults.
Assist young adults in making correct choices in choosing to marry.  
Shed light and gain insight on ways to meet the need for Christ and the Church in daily life.
Spread the teaching of the Catholic Church, especially as it pertains to marriage and family life.


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