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Tuesday November 19, 2019    

:::Social Virtue and the Common Good

Study Guide::

What is the principle of social organization by which men of differing classes might live in harmony? Why is it that the economic system cannot be viewed outside of the context of a social and political system that honors human dignity? Is the social message of the Gospel only a theory, or is it a basis and motivation for action? See why Catholic social teaching demands that we create a new category in our thinking, since unlike contemporary political discourse, it does not concern worldly or temporal ends simply for their own sake. Through this study of Catholic social teaching, take up the challenge to overcome the tendency of looking at social and economic questions purely in terms of “public policy” solutions. Here you can study the sources directly — Rerum novarum (Leo XIII), Quadragesimo anno (Pius XI) and Centesimus annus (John Paul II) — without the filtration that often comes through a textbook summary. 15 Sessions.

ISBN 978-1-933463-12-4

Leader's Manual::



The Leader's Manual, companion resource for study group leaders, lays out and simplifies the process of beginning a study group and leading it to its completion. It contains the questions and answers for document study and catechesis and gives the leader both direction and practical tips in facilitating discussion for each session. Each leader will also require Social Virtue and the Common Good - Study Guide for the complete document text.

ISBN 978-1-933463-13-1


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