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Tuesday November 19, 2019    

:::God’s Desire to be Known and Loved by All

Study Guide::

Are you aware that as Catholics our Faith must infect others in our family, at work, in politics and in our social life? It’s more than simply participation at Sunday Mass and other church activities. Here are the tools to provide an understanding of the proper and specific role of the laity – to share in the communion and mission of the Church, not as an extension of the clergy but in the forefront of the Church’s mission to evangelize all areas of human activity.

Discover how to testify to others the only valid response to the problems and hopes of everyday life. This impressive and affirming program, God’s Desire to be Known and Loved by All, emphasizes how each member of Christ’s faithful can contribute to the transformation of world by relationships deeply rooted in Christ, the family, the Church and society. Documents to be studied are the Apostolic Exhortation: The Lay Members of Christ’s Faithful(Christifideles Laici) and Vatican II Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity (Apostolicam Actuositatem) along with informal yet serious study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church in 15 sessions.

ISBN 978-1-933463-06-3

Leader's Manual::



The Leader's Manual, companion resource for study group leaders, lays out and simplifies the process of beginning a study group and leading it to its completion. It contains the questions and answers for document study and catechesis and gives the leader both direction and practical tips in facilitating discussion for each session. Each leader will also require God’s Desire to be Known and Loved by All - Study Guide for the complete document text.

ISBN 978-1-933463-07-0


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