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Tuesday November 19, 2019    

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Are you spiritually prepared to carry out your Christian mission? Do you have the means to properly understand and evaluate the moral, cultural and political events happening around you? Are you able to reveal Christ to your children, your family, your neighbors – not just as an opinion but as the truth?

Drawing from the pages of The Mission of the Redeemer(Redemptoris Missio), Catechesis in our Time (Catechesi Tradendae) and The Church in America (Ecclesiae in America), cultivate the skills to bring those close to you not only in touch with, but in communion and intimacy with Jesus Christ. 15 Sessions. Imprimatur.

ISBN 978-1-933463-08-7

Leader's Manual::



The Leader's Manual, companion resource for study group leaders, lays out and simplifies the process of beginning a study group and leading it to its completion. It contains the questions and answers for document study and catechesis and gives the leader both direction and practical tips in facilitating discussion for each session. Each leader will also require Go Forth and Teach - Study Guide for the complete document text. Imprimatur.

ISBN 978-1-933463-09-4


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