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Tuesday November 19, 2019    

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God has called each person to a particular way of living his or her life for Him. Knowing what that mission is becomes the most important thing a person can know for life. Walk with John Paul II through the pages of Pastores Dabo Vobis and Vita Consecrata to gain a deeper understanding of the vocation of priestly and consecrated life. Learn more about and appreciate those who sacrifice everything for the love of God. Acquire the means to assist others in their quest to answer the question, “Why did God create me and what has he called me to be?” Our priests and religious sanctify the body of Christ, which affects not only the Church but the whole world. Find out how you can respond to His invitation to help build His Church. 15 Sessions.

ISBN 978-1-933463-16-2

Leader's Manual::



The Leader's Manual, companion resource for study group leaders, lays out and simplifies the process of beginning a study group and leading it to its completion. It contains the questions and answers for document study and catechesis and gives the leader both direction and practical tips in facilitating discussion for each session. Each leader will also require Come and See - Study Guide for the complete document text.

ISBN 978-1-933463-17-9


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