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Tuesday November 19, 2019    
::: Men :::

Enjoy the fellowship of other men while acquiring the tools to:

● be a witness to Christ in your Catholic faith,
● be committed to Christian marriage and family,
● guide your family as a strong husband and father,
● instill solid values and virtues in your children.

With your Together! group:

● focus on a closer relationship with Christ in the Gospel
● learn what the Church really teaches about marriage and family
● become the spiritual leader in your family
● develop your family through basic principles

Suggested Study Order:

1. At the Heart of Christian Marriage
On Christian Marriage (Casti Connubii) and On Human Life (Humanae Vitae) lay out essentials of the sanctity of marriage and its inseparable three blessings

2. Truth, Faith & Reason
Get right to the heart of modernity's misunderstanding of Truth and learn why only Faith in Christ makes it possible to penetrate the mystery. Veritatis Splendor (The Splendor of Truth) and Fides et Ratio (Faith and Reason)

3. Go Forth and Teach
Fortify yourself with Catechesi Tradendae (Catechesis in our Time), Redemptoris Missio (Mission of the Redeemer), Ecclesia in America (The Church in America.) take on the mission of Catholic evangelization. Imprimatur.

4. Social Virtue and the Common Good
Know why Catholic social teaching demands that we create a new category in our thinking, since unlike contemporary political discourse, it does not concern worldly or temporal ends simply for their own sake.

5. Come and See
God has called each person to a particular way of living his or her life for Him. Knowing what that mission is becomes the most important thing a person can know for life.

6. God’s Plan for Marriage and Family
Understand the role of The Christian Family in the Modern World (Familiaris Consortio) to navigate safely through daily challenges in our modern world. Imprimatur.


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